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Author of Amazon Number 1 Bestselling book 999: My Life on the Front Line and renowned  motivational speaker Dan is able to bring to life his experiences which are sometimes sad, occasionally hilarious often moving but always inspirational. 


Having worked in the emergency services for more than sixteen years, Dan has seen an awful lot. There was the time he was called to take away a dead body - only for the 'corpse' to jolt back into life and demand to know what he was doing in her house. Earlier in his career, he unwittingly disturbed a crime scene as he shared the sad news of the victim's death with her son. Along with the 18,000 other paramedics in the UK who serve us day and night, Dan constantly finds himself pushed into extraordinary circumstances where he not only has to deal with those he has been sent to help, but also their worried families and friends - and even with irate drivers who object to his ambulance getting in their way as he desperately works to save someone's life.

Working in the emergency services can take its emotional toll, which resulted in Dan suffering from PTSD. Following his recovery, Dan wanted to make a positive change to the lives of our emergency services workers. Becoming a Winston Churchill Fellow and founding numerous campaigns has ensured Dans work has made a marked difference in the way our everyday heroes are supported. Through his tireless work and campaigning he was awarded the ITV NHS Heroes Award, the Prime ministers Point of Light Award and numerous accolades.




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